Membership fees

Full Player Monthly from 1/9/2016

£20.00 per month This HAS to be paid for a FULL YEAR!! Fees include Voting Rights, Player Insurance, Free consultation with club Physio in the event of injury caused while playing for the club, Privilege Booking for club amenities and club member bar prices.
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Player Reduced from 1/9/2016

£12.00 per month Occasional Player. Needs to be agreed with Membership Secretary beforehand.
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One off 2016-17 £48 payment

£48.00 single payment Only for existing £16 Monthly DD Senior Players to cover the increase to this seasons payments. OR cancel £16 DD and setup new £20 DD! To be completed by 1st August 2016.
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One off 2016-17 Payment of £24

£24.00 single payment ONE OFF PAYMENT of £24 for existing Reduced Membership Senior £10/month Direct Debit Players.
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