Under 12's Presentation

Under 12's Presentation

By Malcolm Gilligan
10 May 2013
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Thank you all

This season has been another slow but good season and finished very well thank to all the players and parents.

It started off with all players settling into new schools, so from being the ‘big boys/girls in the playground’ they suddenly become the small fry there, so we had a few problems to begin with them all, but after training for a few week they all settled down to the team they was last, season.

We did see a few new faces and some old ones coming back, some with good talent, but again some seemed to lose interest, but would like to see them back next season.

The team has trained hard, but like most teams did lose a lot of training and games time due to the weather this year.

They have won a few games but they need to start to believe in themselves more as all us coaches believe them, it always the same as soon as they see the words Canterbury or any London team on the pitch their heads go down, if any one knows of a good sports psychologist please let me know, (I know one in training at Bangor uni so in another 2 years we should be ok)

As all the players are getting older we thought it would be good to have a formal(ish) dinner where players and their families sit down for a meal and the various trophies are presented; trying to make it similar to the Senior Presentation Dinner but without the drinking games or nudity. I think all enjoyed themselves and we intend to make this an annual event.

This year’s awards winners are

Most improved Player of the Year Sumeet Gurung
Sprite of Rugby Player of the Year Simon Goodden
Coach’s player of the Year Awards Danny Gilligan

In the under12s there is also an extra award running since 2001 from Ian Fell

Folkestone rugby club is looking for someone who has shown the true Rugby Ethos throughout their relatively short to date playing career.
Folkestone RFC young lifetime achievement award went to Maia Daw

This season we have to say goodbye to our two girls Poppy James and Maia Daw. Who have both been with Folkestone from the under 7s, and will be sadly be a lost to us and the Club. Both would come back if we could get a girls team running like a shot. We wish them both well at Ashford.

Looking forwards to next season, we would like to get a tour sorted or ever take the team to see the Army and Navy game at Twickenham it a good day out watching rugby watching drunken soldiers and sailors and is not too expensive.

Well that’s it from me. And I am looking forward to next season and joining the juniors section.

Many thanks


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