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Maddy Harlow10 Jun - 10:43
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Under 14s (Soon to be 15s) Complete Folkestone Coastal 10km to Raise Funds for New Training Kit!

On Sunday, May 26th, our dedicated under-14s, (soon to be 15s), braved the warm weather to complete the Folkestone Coastal 10km run. This remarkable effort was made to raise funds for their new training kit, showcasing their commitment both on and off the rugby field.

A total of 10 of our players, joined by one brother, one sister, a mum (who also serves as our club referee), and our Youth Chair, Ollie Smith, all ran and successfully finished the full 10km course. The sponsor money is still being collected, but it is expected to make a significant dent in our fundraising target.

Team Manager and Youth Chair Ollie Smith expressed immense pride in everyone who participated, particularly the boys. "The lads were really keen to fund as much of their training kit themselves and putting themselves out to run a 10k was truly inspiring. Some of the lads were really outside of their comfort zones and in their own words, 'I don't run, that's why I'm a forward,' but nonetheless, they put the work in and got it done. Massive thanks to Coach Tom for arranging our entry, Toni for supplying much-needed Lucozade at the 3km and 7km points, and all the parents for their fantastic support. Moments like this, where the lads rally around each other to support their teammates, epitomise what rugby is about, and it's #morethanjustagame. I am really proud of every one of them."

This event not only highlights the dedication of our young players but also the strong sense of community and support that defines our club. It’s moments like these that truly illustrate the spirit of rugby, proving that it’s indeed more than just a game. We look forward to seeing our lads in their new training kit soon, proudly funded through their hard work and determination.

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